Debt securities

Debt securities are negotiable financial instruments serving as evidence of debt. Main features of debt securities are: issue and redemption date, issue and redemption price as well as a coupon rate that the issuer pays to the holders of the debt securities. The coupon may be fixed throughout the lifetime of the debt security or vary with inflation, interest rates or asset prices. Zero-coupon debt securities offer no coupon interest.  Examples for debt securities are bonds, federal treasury bills, commercial papers, registered bonds, covered bonds and municipal bonds with a fixed regular income.

Domestic securities broken down by creditor sectors in market value

Portfolio investment - liabilities (domestic debt securities held by foreign creditors)

Foreign securities broken down by domestic creditor sectors in market value

Portfolio investment - assets (foreign debt securities held by domestic creditors)

Debt securities issued by domestic issuer

Holdings of domestic credit institutions

Bond yields

Austrian government bond yields