Electronic access to ASTI, the OeNB’s real-time gross settlement system for domestic payments, is available to users via an electronic account (e-account, “E-Konto”) application, which puts a convenient and secure payment settlement and liquidity management solution at their fingertips. The e-account solution allows users to easily keep track of all account transactions and to manage liquidity, as an example.


The broad range of functions includes checking balances, rearranging or canceling queued payment orders and making custody account queries, to name just a few.

To gain electronic account access, you must maintain a giro account with the OeNB and possess an A-Trust certificate (a.sign light, a.sign premium) providing read-only access or of an A-Trust a.sign premium certificate or a mobile phone signature to sign payment orders.

Please ensure that you are using the most recent version of a.sign client and have deinstalled BCD HotSign.
The user management function (user role matrix) allows local administrators to define different access rights for any given number of users in a decentralized fashion.