The OeNB’s e-account application allows online access to ASTI, the OeNB’s real-time gross settlement system for domestic payments, enabling users to manage liquidity and payments remotely with a secure and easy-to-use program.

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E-account users can create payment orders, check balances, manage the payment queue, cancel payment orders, monitor custody account transactions and use many other functions.

To gain e-account access, your company must have a giro account with the OeNB and have registered for Austria’s single-entry point for corporate customers to public services (“Business Service Portal”).

The use of all e-account functions (read-only access, use of digital signature rights to move money, etc.) requires adequate user/administrator identification. We accept mobile and card-based identification.

E-accounts may be accessed from any Internet-enabled device (PC, tablet, etc.), subject to the user rights assigned by your local e-account application administrator. Application administrators can grant an unlimited number of users different levels of permissions, based on the user role matrix created for the e-account application.

Access request, certificate-based authentication, use

This section provides information on how to obtain e-account access, which is available for all companies that have an OeNB giro account and are registered with Austria’s “Business Service Portal.” For further information on the new services and functionalities offered under www.myoenb.com, see OeNB-Portal.

Access request

Requests for OeNB e-account access have to be made online by your Business Service Portal administrator.

Your Business Service Portal administrator will then define administrators for the OeNB’s e-account application. There may be more than one application administrator, and the Business Service Portal administrator may be one of them.

Whether payments require four-eye verification or single verification only, will be defined by your Business Service Portal administrator. The setting of your choice must be specified in the e-account application process.

Certificate-based authentication

Upon signing in, e-account users will be asked to verify their online identity with either mobile identification or card-based identification solutions. Once the OeNB’s web portal has been made eID-compatible, EU citizens will be able to use also their national eID schemes to sign in. Note that card-based identification solutions also require a card reader.

Both mobile and card-based identification are based on a certification regime and require recertification at regular intervals by the respective digital identity provider (for Austria, see www.handy-signatur.at).


User account creation and assignment of roles
The user accounts will be created by your e-account application administrators, who also set the user roles: read only, liquidity, payment, supervisor (see the role matrix for information about the different permission levels at OeNB-Portal).

Note: Businesses are strongly encouraged not to assign the “supervisor” role in the production environment.

E-account login

On the OeNB’s website, clicking on the “e-account” button gives authorized users direct access to the functions available to them.