Here you will find the newest statistical data, arranged by topic in one of ten sections. The statistics are made available by the OeNB and other major institutions, which collect the relevant data in accordance with international standards. We would like to draw your attention especially to the explanatory notes to the tables, the metadata, source references and the release calendar. Almost all information is available in German and in English; you may switch languages on nearly every webpage.


making a choice

User-defined query

Here you can generate and download user-defined tables. You may combine or filter data within any one of the predefined sections. In addition to selecting indicators, you may perform simple calculations and specify the layout of the customized tables. As a logged-in user, you will also be able to save your table definitions.


Release calender

This page contains the release calender for data in the Standardized Tables section of the OeNB's website as updated daily. Please note that the release dates represent intended rather than binding dates. Most of the statistical information in this section is available in English and in German.