Submission period

Decision meeting

Earliest starting date for projects

July 17, 2017 to October 4, 2017 July 4, 2018 August 2018
January 8, 2018 to March 21, 2018 December 18, 2018 January 2019
July 2, 2018 to September 21, 2018 June/July 2019 July/August 2019 (current submission period)

Current focus areas

  • Economics
    “Financial markets and financial stability”
    (applicable for the decision meetings in 2017 and 2018)
    An economy that performs well and efficiently requires a stable and robust banking and financial system. Trust in the stability of the banking and financial system is indispensable for the smooth and efficient supply of funds to the corporate, private and public sectors, and this trust must be consistently upheld. To this very day, the impact of the global financial crisis is being felt in both Austria and the EU. The OeNB has therefore launched the focus area “Financial markets and financial stability.” The aim is to provide funding for research projects that illustrate the importance of maintaining financial stability in Austria and Europe and devise, assess and eventually propose economic policy instruments and macroprudential measures to prevent future financial crises and the high economic costs they entail.
    Suitable topics (PDF, 170 KB)
  • No focus areas have been determined for medical, social science and humanities Projects.

After the decision meeting

The status of the projects for which funds have been approved may be checked online after the decision meeting (see project status request).

The written notifications to the project managers contain more detailed information.