Please note that the Anniversary Fund provides English translations of the materials it publishes on the OeNB website for information only. In case of discrepancies, the German original will prevail. To get the complete picture, therefore please also refer to the German content.

Submission period

Decision meeting

Earliest starting date for projects

July 2, 2018, to September 21, 2018 July 2, 2019 August 2019 
January 28, 2019, to March 20, 2019 December 17, 2019 January 2020
July 29, 2019, to September 18, 2019 June/July 2020 July/August 2020 (current Submission period)

Current focus areas

  • Economics
    “Digitalization: opportunities and challenges for labor markets, competitiveness and sustainability and related measurement Problems”
    For 2019 and 2020, the Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank has selected “digitalization” as its focus area in economics.
    The spread of new technologies is fundamentally changing the way we do business and the way we work, both in Austria and in the EU. This in turn creates big new challenges for economic policymaking as well as for economic research and analysis. Research that sheds light on the impact digitalization has on labor market, location and environmental policies and on its implications for economic research and statistical analysis is therefore highly relevant. This is why the Anniversary Fund will specifically provide funding for research proposals related to the ongoing digital transformation.
    Suitable topics (84 KB)
  • No focus areas have been determined for medical, social science and humanities Projects.

After the decision meeting

The status of the projects for which funds have been approved may be checked online after the decision meeting (see project status request).

The written notifications to the project managers contain more detailed information.