Other Investment

Other Investments (OI) covers financial stocks and flows that are not included in portfolio investment, direct investment, financial derivatives or reserve assets. Other Investment is divided into maturity. In general maturities with short-term definition mean a maturity below one year.

Following financial instruments are covered in Other Investments:

Other equity
Currency and deposits
Insurance, pension and standardized guarantee schemes
Trade credit and advances
Other accounts receivable/payable-other
Special drawing rights

Transactions of Other Investments are published in the Balance of Payments (BoP), while outstanding stocks are published in the International Investment Position (IIP). Other Investment values are compiled under nominal values.

Income of Other Investments has the same splitting like the stocks. Income is published in the current account under income on investments.

Other Investments are divided into counterpart countries in order to answer for example following questions:

  • What is the relationship between cross-border credit financing of monetary financial institutions and the other sectors?
  • Which countries are particularly attractive for Austria to invest capital in deposits?