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Other investments in the balance of payments include everything that is neither direct investment, portfolio investment nor reserve assets. This table shows an overview of Austria's claims from other investments abroad. The table is divided into sectors and financing instruments. Domestic sectors include the central bank, monetary financial institutions (other than the central bank), money market funds, other financial institutions, the government and the private sector, which consists of non-financial corporations and households. This table also shows all possible financing instruments like currency and deposits, loans, other equity, insurance, trade and other receivables.



Definitions and terms:

Balance of payments, capital account, international Investment Position.

Legal basis:

Legal basis for compilation: Austria: Article 44 Nationalbank Act, Exchange Control Act 2004; International: SDDS and Articles of Agreements of the IMF, ECB guideline, EU regulation. Legal basis for data collection: Article 44 Nationalbank Act, Exchange Control Act 2004.


Complete survey of primary statistics, balance sheet data, calculations including estimates.

Reporting institutions:

Banks, companies, individuals, public entities.

Standards and codes:

ISO country and currency codes, ISIN code, IMF Balance of Payments Manual 6.


Assets, Other Investments.