Collecting data

Professional cash handlers are required to report data about the processing and recirculation of euro banknotes to the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB). This information enables the European Central Bank (ECB) and the OeNB to monitor compliance with EU directives and ECB decisions and to oversee developments in the cash cycle.

Cash handlers need to provide the following data on a regular (six-monthly) basis:

  • information on establishments where cash is handled;
  • information on the number and type of banknote handling machines and cash dispensers; and
  • information on the volume of cash operations (number of euro banknotes processed and recirculated).

When do reporting requirements apply?

Cash handlers are subject to reporting requirements if they use machines for banknote processing. Reports need to be provided by authorized persons at the branch level on a six-monthly basis (by end-February and end-August). It is the cash handlers’ responsibility to ensure that reporting runs smoothly.

How should the data be reported?

The OeNB provides an MS Excel file that is used for the six-monthly reporting of data. To receive this file, cash handlers need to register using the form below (Registration for data reporting – banknote processing; available in German only). The MS Excel file with the reported data must be sent to or, in case of joint reporting via data centers, over secure e-mail using CONNECT:direct.

Information on machine identification numbers

Cash handlers are also required to report to the OeNB the identification numbers of their banknote handling machines.

The identification number can be searched in the database of successfully tested types of banknote handling machines provided on the ECB’s website.

Banknote handling machines are equipped with a label indicating

  • the machine’s identification number;
  • a QR code that links to the list of successfully tested machines on the ECB's website; and
  • the machine’s maintenance status including the next maintenance event.