Foreign listed shares – total

Publication schedule


This table shows the foreign listed shares acquired by domestic holders (Portfolio Investment Assets). The data are broken down by foreign issuer sector and domestic holder sector and are available for stocks, transactions, exchange rate and price effects. The sector structure is in accordance with BPM6 and ESA 2010. The sector “Monetary Financial Institutes” includes deposit taking corporations, the central bank, and money market funds. The sector “General Government” includes central government, state government, local government, and social security funds. The sector “households” includes households and non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs). 



Definitions and terms:

Portfolio Investments, Financial Account, Foreign Listed Shares.

Legal basis:

National law: Article 44 Nationalbank Act, Exchange Control Act 2004; International law: SDDS and articles of agreements of IMF, ECB-Guideline, EU-regulations.


Security-by-security data collection of transactions and stocks: 1) Monthly report of domestic custodians for their own and customers’ portfolio (direct and indirect reporting), 2) Quarterly direct report for securities held in own custody or at foreign depots.

Reporting institutions:

Deposit taking corporations (custodians),companies, households.

Standards and codes:

ISO-Codes for countries and currency, ISIN-Code, IWF: Balance of Payments Manual 6, European System of Accounts 2010.