The soundpost is a dowel inside the body close to the E-string several millimeters below the treble foot of the bridge. It provides structural support to the belly and carries the sound from the belly – the soundboard – to the back. Despite its inconspicuousness, the soundpost, which is sometimes called the soul (anima in Italian) of the instrument, has a significant impact on tonal quality. The position of the soundpost changes the timbre or tone color of the instrument substantially. As a rule of thumb, the sound will be brighter if the soundpost is moved closer to the bridge; if it is farther from the bridge, the sound is mellower. During soundpost adjustment, the musician and the violinmaker optimize positioning of the soundpost together. Soundpost adjustment requires a good ear, the right touch and years of experience.

Violin, Antonio Stradivari, 1694, "ex Benecke". Interior view.