The OeNB’s Mission Statement

Security through stability.  The euro – our currency.

Our mission

The OeNB is the independent central bank of the Republic of Austria.

Together with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the other euro area central banks, we safeguard the stability of the euro and thus support positive economic development in the euro area.

In cooperation with the ECB and the Austrian Financial Market Authority, we ensure the stability of banks and financial markets.

We and our subsidiaries provide secure cash and smoothly functioning payment services and, together with the ECB and the other euro area central banks, we shape the future of payment systems in the euro area.

We invest and manage monetary and gold reserves professionally in accordance with our stability mandate and furnish Austrian banks with central bank liquidity as needed.

As a central economic policy-making institution, we seek to provide economic and financial expertise and guide policymakers with high-quality analyses, studies and statistics.

We actively promote economic and financial literacy in Austria.

We are aware of our responsibility toward Austria and Europe and pursue effectiveness and efficiency in our work.

Our values

We are committed to the European project and actively support the European integration process.

Our endeavors are founded on technical expertise and social competence, transparency, ethical values and responsible corporate governance.

We welcome change and embrace forward thinking.

Our staff and their knowledge, skills and commitment are our biggest asset.

We are an equal opportunity employer, value diversity and assist our employees in combining a career with family life.

Our social responsibility is also reflected in our support for science and research, humanitarian concerns, art, culture and environmental protection.