Luisa Pires (Bank of England) – A Journey into Data Science at the Data Statistics Division of the Bank of England

The Data and Statistics Division in the Bank of England, composed of approximately 160 staffers, is going through a digital transformation. Driving this journey is the collection and analysis of increasingly granular data and the inherent necessity to make use of new analytical techniques, tools and technologies from Data Science.

This talk discusses the steps taken by the division to achieve its goal, ranging from starting a dedicated Data Science Training Programme tailored to the Division’s requirements, to setting-up projects where different staffers from the Division are ring-fenced for a period of time to tackle a business problem while gaining contact with new methods, models and tools.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 11:00 am

Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Otto-Wagner-Platz 3, 1090 Wien

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