Josef Schreiner

Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Section

Research interests

  • economics of transition
  • convergence
  • inflation

Selected publications

Huber, F., Koop, G., Onorante, L., Pfarrhofer, M., Schreiner, J. (2023). Nowcasting in a Pandemic using Non-Parametric Mixed Frequency VARs. In: Journal of Econometrics, Volume 232, Issues1.

Schreiner J. (2022). Longer-term growth prospects for CESEE. Occasional Paper No. 2, OeNB.

De Luigi, C., Huber, F., Schreiner, J. (2019). The impact of labor cost growth on inflation in selected CESEE countries. Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/19, OeNB, 56–78.