Pirmin Fessler

Research Section

Research interests

  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Financial stability
  • Survey methodology
  • Household finance

Selected publications

Fessler, P., Fritzer, F., Salish, M. (2022). Who pays the price when prices rise? Monetary Policy and the Economy, Q4/22–Q1/23.

Cupák, A., Fessler, P., Hsu, J. W. and Paradowski, P. R. (2022). Investor confidence and high financial literacy jointly shape investments in risky assets. Economic Modelling, Elsevier, vol. 116(C).

Elsinger, H., Fessler, P., Kerbl, S., Schneider, A., Schürz, M., Wiesinger, S., Wuggenig M. (2022). Where have all the insolvencies gone?. Monetary Policy and the Economy Q3/22, p43-57, OeNB.

Fessler, P. and Schürz, M. (2022). Homeownership - a key narrative to explain wealth inequality?. Chapter, in: Media and Inequality, Routledge, November 2022.

Fessler, P. and Schürz, M. (2022). Structuring the Analysis of Wealth Inequality using the Functions of Wealth: A Class-Based Approach. NBER Chapters, in: Measuring and Understanding the Distribution and Intra/Inter-Generational Mobility of Income and Wealth, National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Chicago Press, October 2022

Ciaian, P., A. Cupák, P. Fessler, K. d’Artis (2022). Environmental-Social-Governance Preferences and Investments in Crypto-Assets. EUR 31284 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2022, ISBN 978-92-76-58776-7, doi:10.2760/832144, JRC129919.

Cupák, A., Fessler, P., Silgoner, M., Ulbrich, E. (2021). Exploring differences in financial literacy across countries: the role of individual characteristics and institutions. Social Indicators Research, 158(2), p.409-438

Cupák, A., Fessler, P., Schneebaum, A. (2021). Gender differences in risky asset behavior: the importance of self-confidence and financial literacy. Finance Research Letters, Vol 42, 101880, ISSN 1544- 6123.

Elsinger, H., Fessler, P., Kerbl, S., Schneider, A., Schürz, M., Wiesinger, S. (2021). Calm before the storm? ¨ Insolvencies during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Financial Stability Report 41, p.57-76, OeNB.