Monetary Policy and the Economy Q3/08

September 2008.

Opinions expressed by the authors of studies do not necessarily reflect the official viewpoint of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank or of the Eurosystem.

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    Studies and Analyses

    • Global Economic Downturn Persists (PDF, 277 kB) Fenz, Haar-Stöhr, Silgoner.

    • Tax and Economic Growth in Austria (PDF, 334 kB) Pesendorfer.

    • Economic Country Risks Emanating from Austria’s International Exposure (PDF, 591 kB) Fuchs.

    • Four Monetary Policy Strategies in Comparison: How to Deal with Financial Instability? (PDF, 859 kB) Cuaresma, Gnan.

    • The Economics of Financial Stability: Research Workshop at the OeNB (PDF, 253 kB) Summer.

    • Global Market Disruptions – Will Global Imbalances Unwind? (PDF, 291 kB) Backé, Nauschnigg.

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