Mutual funds – fund categories, domestic holders and changes in consolidated net asset value

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This table shows the volume of Austrian mutual fund assets broken down by fund categories and indicates the share of domestic holders.

The share of domestic holders can be indicated for: Monetary financial institutions (S.121, S.122), General government (S.13), Other financial intermediaries and financial auxiliaries (S.123, S.124), Insurance corporations and pension funds (S.125),Nonfinancial corporations (S.11), Households and nonprofit institutions serving households (S.14, S.15).

The share of foreign holders is shown as an aggregate.

Additionally the table shows changes in the consolidated net asset value that result from sales and redemptions, earnings distributions and revaluation adjustments (including net income).



Legal basis:

Article 44 Nationalbank Act.

Regulation (EC) No 958/2007 of the European Central Bank of 27 July 2007 concerning statistics on the assets and liabilities of investment funds (ECB/2007/8).

Guideline of the European Central Bank of 1 August 2007 on monetary, financial institutions and markets statistics (recast) (ECB/2007/9).


Monthly census.

Reporting institutions:

Austrian investment companies.

Standards and codes:

ESA sectors, banking sectors, ISO codes.


Mutual fund, mutual fund share, fund.