Automated teller machines (ATMs)

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This table shows the number of automated teller machines (ATMs), i.e. both outdoor and indoor ATMs (in bank lobbies), as well as the number of debit cards to withdraw cash from ATMs.



Definitions and terms:

Payment statistics institute, Payment statistics operators, Payment statistics participants

Legal basis:

§ 44a Nationalbank Act; Regulation(EU) Nr. 1409/2013 of the ECB on payment statistics


Census by way of payment systems statistic, quarterly; Census by way of payment services statistic, quarterly.

Reporting institutions:

Payment system operators according § 44a section 1 NBA, payment- and e-money institutions as well as branch offices / branches from the EEA area, with a branch in Austria.

Standards and codes:

Article 44a, Nationalbank Act; Article 1 para. 2 ZaDiG