Financial statement of the OeNB – assets

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The assets in the financial statement of the OeNB comprise, first, the claims and receivables of the OeNB, which form part of the consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem, and, second, the intra-Eurosystem assets of the OeNB offsetting the intra-Eurosystem liabilities of the other NCBs and the ECB as well as the paid-up capital of the ECB in the consolidation process.



Definitions and terms:

International Monetary Fund (IMF), Eurosystem, exchange rate mechanism II (ERM II), main refinancing operations, longer-term refinancing operations, fine-tuning reverse operations, marginal lending facility, monetary policy.

Legal basis:

Guideline of the ECB of 11 November 2010 on the legal framework for accounting and financial reporting in the European System of Central Banks (recast) (ECB/2010/20) (2011/68/EU) amended by the guidelines ECB/2011/27 (2012/38/EU) and ECB/2012/29.


The financial statement of the OeNB is produced and sent to the ECB on a daily basis. It is published monthly on this website, at the publication dates of the consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The data relate to the preceding Friday (i.e. the reporting date) and include the adjustment of the euro banknotes in circulation in the Eurosystem and/or the quarterly revaluation of assets and liabilities.

Reporting institutions:


Standards and codes:

ESA 2010.