Reserve maintenance

Publication schedule


This table shows the data relevant for reserve maintenance periods. Maintenance periods start on the settlement day of the main refinancing operation (MRO) following the first meeting of the month of the Governing Council of the ECB and end one day before the next maintenance period begins, irrespective of whether these days are working days, Sundays or public holidays.



Definitions and terms:

Minimum reserves, minimum reserve requirements, shortfall, minimum reserve deficit, Governing Council of the ECB, main refinancing operation (MRO) of the ECB.

Legal basis:

Article 19 paragraph 1 of the Statute of the ESCB and the ECB, Directive 2000/12 EC of the Council and the European Parliament, regulations of the Council of the European Union, ECB regulations, Articles 44 and 52 Nationalbank Act.


Monthly census.

Reporting institutions:

Austrian credit institutions according to Community law.


Minimum reserves, minimum reserve requirements, reserve maintenance period.