Selected inflation indicators

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This table shows the most widely used price and wage indicators which are of particular relevance for monetary and economic policy. These indices reflect price and wage developments and also serve as deflation parameters (calculation of real values in the national accounts). Moreover, these indicators are used as a basis for value adjustments. The indices are usually calculated as Laspeyres indices (which measure the change in the cost of purchasing an identical basket of goods and services in the current period and a specified base period using the weights of the base period). The HICP is based on a Laspeyres chain index which is specifically used at the European level.


Statistics Austria, Eurostat, OeNB.

Legal basis:

Specific regulations (see Statistics Austria).

Reporting institutions:

The price indices are calculated on the basis of data reported in monthly surveys conducted by or on behalf of Statistics Austria. The calculation of the negotiated standard wage rate index is based on agreed minimum wages and salaries in a range of sectors.


Inflation, price, price index, wages.