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This table shows cross-border merchandise trade, as compiled in line with Intrastat (trade in goods with EU Member States) and Extrastat (trade in goods with third countries), since Austria’s accession to the EU on January 1, 1995. Based on the EU’s foreign trade statistics nomenclature, transactions are currently recorded for some 235 countries and territories. In import statistics, goods are generally allocated to the country of origin, which indicates where the goods were wholly obtained or produced. If the country of origin is not known, imported goods are listed under the country of export, which indicates from which country the goods were shipped to the reporting country. In export statistics, goods are allocated to the country of destination, which indicates where the goods are to be used, consumed, processed or finished.


Statistics Austria.

Reporting institutions:

Intrastat: Companies whose merchandise trade exceeds EUR 200,000 a year, including estimates for companies that have not attained this value (some 2% of intra-Community trade in goods).

Standards and codes:

SITC, rev. 3.


Foreign trade, exports, imports.