External assets and liabilities of the Austrian economy (on a gross and net basis)

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This table is an extraction of the International Investment Position and covers debt instruments only (e.g. debt securities, loans, cash and deposits). Equity capital (e.g. equity securities or investment fund shares) is excluded. For highly developed economies like Austria, which hold a substantial fraction of their cross-border financial assets/liabilities in the form of equity capital, this statistics provides an incomplete picture. By publishing the external debt statistics Austria meets the requirements issued by the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS). Stocks of tradable instruments like debt securities are valued at market prices (quotations at the end of the period).



Definitions and terms:

Assets, liabilities, international investment position, net debtor, net creditor, debt security, cash, deposits, debt securities, loans, trade credits, intercompany lending, special drawing rights.

Legal basis:

Legal basis for compilation: Austria: Article 44 Nationalbank Act, Exchange Control Act 2004; International: SDDS and Articles of Agreements of the IMF, ECB guideline, EU regulation. Legal basis for data collection: Article 44 Nationalbank Act, Exchange Control Act 2004.


(Monthly or quarterly) reports on the external sector. Securities data are compiled on a security-by-security basis.

Reporting institutions:

Banks, companies, individuals, public entities.

Standards and codes:

ISO country and currency codes, ISIN codes, IMF Balance of Payments Manual 6 and External Debt Statistics Guide for Compilers and Users.


Table 9.1.10, external debt (EXD), international investment position (iip), net debtor, net creditor, net assets, net liabilities, securities, money market instruments, bonds and notes, credit, cash, deposits, trade credits.