Outward direct investment income broken down by region

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This table shows the income of Austrian direct investment enterprises abroad within a certain period of time broken down by host countries. Income includes distributed as well as reinvested earnings plus net interest from intra-group financing. In contrast to the balance of payments statistics this table does not include real estate owned by Austrians abroad and SPEs.



Definitions and terms:

DI, FDI, ODI, direct investment, globalization, multinational corporations, affiliated enterprises, Outward FDI, equity capital, group, directional principle, income, profits, earnings.

Legal basis:

Foreign direct investment statistics as part of BOP and IIP is defined by:  Regulation (EC) No 555/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 June 2012. Legal Basis for data collection: Article 44 Nationalbank Act, Exchange Control Act 2004.


Data on dividends and interest are collected monthly; additional information, primarily useful for the calculation of reinvested earnings, is provided by the direct investment survey.

Reporting institutions:

Banks, companies, individuals.

Standards and codes:

ISO country codes, IMF Balance of Payments Manual 6, OECD: Benchmark Definition 4