SDDS Plus – debt securities holdings

Publication schedule


Tables contain the debt securities of each issuing sector on a “from-whom-to-whom” basis for all economic sectors as creditors. The table contain stocks. The counterpart sector are: nonfinancial corporations, financial corporations, general government, households and non-profit institutions serving households, households, non-profit institutions serving households, all residents, non-residents, all holders.



Definitions and terms:

ESA 2010, financial accounts, stocks, flows.

Legal basis:

EU-Regulation 549/2013.


Complete inventory counts derived from primary statistics, balance sheet data, own calculations and estimations.

Reporting institutions:

OeNB, Financial Market Authority, Statistics Austria.

Standards and codes:

Economic sectors, financial instruments.


ESA 2010, national accounts, financial accounts, stocks, total economy, nonfinancial corporations, households, non-profit institutions serving households, financial corporations, monetary financial institutions, Non-MMF investment funds, other non-monetary financial institutions, insurance corporations , pension funds, government and rest of the world in the case of domestic debtors, debt securities, SDDS Plus.