SDDS Plus – other financial corporations survey

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Tables contain both financial assets and liabilities of financial corporations other than monetary financial institutions and investments funds, (including holding companies, SPE treated as captive financial institutions, insurance corporations and pensions funds), broken down by net foreign assets, claims on nonresidents, liabilities to nonresidents, domestic claims, net claims on general government, claims on general government, liabilities on general government, claims on depository corporations, claims on other sector, liabilities to depository corporations, other domestic liabilities, shares and other equity and other items (net).



Definitions and terms:

ESA 2010, financial accounts, stocks, flows.

Legal basis:

EU-Regulation 549/2013.


Complete inventory counts derived from primary statistics, balance sheet data, own calculations and estimations.

Reporting institutions:

OeNB, Financial Market Authority, Statistics Austria.

Standards and codes:

Economic sectors, financial instruments.


ESA 2010, national accounts, financial accounts, stocks, net position, net lending/net borrowing, SDDS Plus.