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ECB comprehensive assessment

Capital increases at Sberbank Europe and VTB Bank Austria

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Nobel Laureate in Paneldiscussion

Robert Engle talks with VG Ittner about systemic risk at the OeNB.

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Foto zu: Boosting EU Competitiveness

Boosting EU Competitiveness

Conference oft he OeNB and the Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP)


Governor Nowotny

Small Countries in big unions – the Austrian experience

Lecture by Governor Nowotny at the University of Oxford


  • Facts on Austria and Its Banks

    Facts on Austria and Its Banks

    Published by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, “Facts on Austria and Its Banks” provides a regular assessment of economic and banking developments in Austria, based on key indicators for the economy and the banking industry. Read more:

  • Economics Conference 2015

    Economics Conference 2015

    The Economics Conference hosted by the OeNB is an international platform for exchanging views on monetary and economic policy as well as financial market issues. It convenes central bank representatives, economic policy decision makers, financial market players, academics and researchers. Read more:

  • Monetary Policy and the Economy Q3/15

    Monetary Policy and the Economy Q3/15

    Monetary Policy & the Economy provides analyses and studies on central banking and economic policy topics and is published at quarterly intervals. Read more:

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Financial Stability Report

Presentation of the 29th Financial Stability Report of the OeNB

Banks must improve cost structures further and build up capital

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Toward a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union

Workshop hosted by the OeNB on September 10 and 11, 2015.

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Long term perspectives for economic growth

Long term perspectives for economic growth

43rd Economics Conference on June 15 and 16, 2016 at the Vienna Marriott Hotel

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11th presentation of Klaus Liebscher Award

Highest OeNB award for outstanding research on European integration