The OeNB’s New Website: Dynamic, User Oriented, Responsive

(, Vienna)

The Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) is relaunching its website today as scheduled. Much effort went into making the website user friendly and responsive. Cutting-edge technology, a new design and new navigation features have enabled the central bank to improve the presentation of its broad range of information products and services for the general public.

Considering that the website is often the first point of contact for people seeking information about the OeNB, the relaunch was necessary, as the website had become rather outdated after nearly a decade of use without major changes. To further strengthen the role of the new website as the OeNB’s main information and communication hub, the relaunch was used to update the website design, to upgrade the technology and to completely overhaul content. The OeNB chose to use responsive design to ensure that the website will work flawlessly on a wide variety of devices, especially also on smart phones and tablets, which have become widespread in recent years. Content was condensed and brought up to date, and pages were fitted with multimedia features. At the same time, the processes for managing and keeping website content current have been streamlined. The new website strives to meet the international standards for barrier-free web design, thus allowing e.g. deaf and hard of hearing people as well as visually impaired people to access central bank information in the form of videos with sign language, subtitles and an audio track.

The relaunch was run as a project headed by the OeNB and executed in cooperation with the external partner companies Wienfluss, November Design & PR, and Research Industrial Systems IT-Engineering (RISE). The project was completed on schedule within the timeframe of nearly two years and within the allotted budget. The new website, which offers some 1,750 pages in English and about 2,500 pages in German, cost EUR 500,000 to produce. The budget covered all costs for the external consultants and the expense of a new content management system customized to meet OeNB needs.

Special information:

  • Please note that the new page structure on the OeNB’s website might require you to reset some of your bookmarks and to resubscribe to RSS feeds.
  • Subscribers will continue to receive press release newsletters. However, if you have subscribed to statistics or other newsletters, please check whether we have discontinued these newsletters or whether we have merged them with another newsletter. For an overview of OeNB newsletters please go to, where you may also change any of your newsletter subscriptions.

Thank you for your understanding.