Speeches and presentations

You may access the most recent speeches and presentations held by members of the Governing Board and other OeNB speakers. Check against delivery.

Go to the web pages of the speakers to access archived speeches and presentations.

  • Opening Address – Euromoney Conference 2018 Governor Ewald Nowotny January 17, 2018, Vienna, Euromoney Conference

  • Economic and Monetary Policy Perspectives for Europe and the Euro Area Executive Director Peter Mooslechner November 8, 2017, Roundtable Discussion, Austrian Consulate General, New York City

  • Low interest rates and declining growth: Lessons from Japan Governor Ewald Nowotny September 1, 2017, European Forum Alpbach

  • Reforming Financial Regulation After Dodd-Frank Charles W. Calomiris, Columbia Business School June 13, 2017, Wien, OeNB, VOSTA Public Lecture

  • Is the post-crisis financial system more resilient? What needs to be done? Erkki Liikanen, Governor Bank of Finland May 30, 2017, Vienna, 44th Economics Conference in cooperation with SUERF

  • Areas for economic and financial cooperation in Sino-European relations Executive Director Peter Mooslechner May 27, 2017, Shanghai Forum, Central Bank Roundtable

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