Ewald Nowotny

You may access speeches and presentations held by Governor Ewald Nowotny on this page. Check against delivery!

  • Seminar on the IMF’s Regional Economic Issues Report “CESEE Outlook: Reconciling Fiscal Consolidation and Growth” November 13, 2015, Vienna, OeNB, Kassensaal

  • ECB Monetary Policy – Past, Present, Future October 27, 2015, Zurich, University of Zurich (Department of Banking and Finance)

  • Boosting EU Competitiveness – The Role of the CESEE Countries October 15, 2015, Warsaw, Conference on European Economic Integration (CEEI) 2015

  • Small Countries in big unions – the Austrian experience September 28, 2015, University of Oxford

  • Toward a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union” – Opening remarks September 10, 2015, Vienna, Workshop

  • 43rd Economics Conference of the OeNB – Opening remarks June 15, 2015, Vienna, 43rd Economics Conference