Christian Alexander Belabed

International Economics Section

Research interests

  • global economic developments & emerging markets (India, China),
  • capital flows and deglobalization,
  • global imbalances

Selected publications

Belabed, C.A. und T. Theobald (2020). Okun‘s Gesetz und die Erholung in den USA – Eine Abschätzung unter Berücksichtigung sektoraler Arbeitslosigkeit und Schätzunsicherheit. Oekonomenstimme - Blog of the Swiss Economic Institute of ETH Zurich.

Belabed, C.A. und T. Theobald (2020).  Why the Chinese recovery will slow – some lessons from sectoral data. BOFIT Policy Brief 2020 No. 8, Bank of Finland.

Belabed, C.A. und M. Hake (2018). Income inequality and trust in national governments in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, OeNB Working Paper 222.

Belabed, C.A., T. Theobald, T. van Treeck (2018). Income distribution and current account imbalances. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 42(1), pp. 47-94.

Belabed, C.A. (2018). Income distribution, the Great Depression, and the Relative Income Hypothesis. European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, 15(1), pp. 47-70.

Beer, C., C. A. Belabed, A. Breitenfellner, C. Ragacs, B. Weber (2017). Österreich und die europäische Integration. Monetary Policy and the Economy, Q1/17, 86125 (also published in English: EU Integration and its impact on Austria).

Behringer, J., C. A. Belabed, T. Theobald, T. van Treeck (2013). Einkommensverteilung, Finanzialisierung und makroökonomische Ungleichgewichte. Quarterly Journal of Economic Research 82(4), 203-221, DIW Berlin.