Mathias Lahnsteiner

Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Section

Research interests

  • macrofinancial stability in CESEE
  • banking sectors in CESEE
  • green transition in CESEE

Selected publications

Breitenfellner, A., Lahnsteiner, M., Reininger, T. and J. Schriefl (2021). Green transition: What have CESEE EU member states achieved so far? Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/21, OeNB, 61–76.

Lahnsteiner, M. (2020). The refinancing of CESEE banking sectors: What has changed since the global financial crisis? Focus on European Economic Integration Q1/20, OeNB, 6–19.

Comunale, M., M. Eller and M. Lahnsteiner (2018). Has private sector credit in CESEE approached levels justified by fundamentals? A post-crisis assessment. Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/18, OeNB, 141–154.

Barisitz, S. and M. Lahnsteiner (2017). Ukraine’s banking sector: still very weak, but some signs of improvement. Financial Stability Report 33, OeNB, 69–77.