Clara De Luigi

International Economics Section


  • Macroeconomic modelling
  • Monetary and fiscal policy
  • International macro

Ausgewählte Publikationen

De Luigi, C., Feldkircher, M., Poyntner, P. and Schuberth, H. (2023). Quantitative Easing and Wealth Inequality: The Asset Price Channel. Oxf Bull Econ Stat.

De Luigi, C., Huber, F., Schreiner, J. (2019). The impact of labor cost developments on inflation in selected CESEE countries. Focus on European Economic Integration, OeNB, Q4/19.

De Luigi, C., Huber, F. (2018). Debt regimes and the effectiveness of monetary policy. Special Issue: Stabilization and Debt, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 93, 218-238.