Gerhard Fenz

Head of Business Cycle Analysis Section


  • forecasting
  • macroeconomic modeling
  • business cycle analysis

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Lopez-Garcia, P., Modery, W., Valderrama, M., Fenz, G. et al. (2021). Key factors behind productivity trends in EU countries. ECB Occasional Paper Series No 268.

Fenz, G., Stix, H. (2020). Monitoring the economy in real-time with the new OeNB weekly GDP indicator: Backgroand, Experiences and Outlook. Monetary Policy & the Economy Q4/20–Q1/21, OeNB, 17–40.

Fenz, G., Stix H., Vondra, K. (2020). Austrian tourism sector badly hit by Covid-pandemic. Monetary Policy & the Economy Q4/20–Q1/21, OeNB, 41–63.

Fenz, G., Ragacs C., Schneider M., Vondra, K. (2020). Development of corporate productivity and profitability in Austria during EU membership. Monetary Policy & the Economy Q1–Q2/20, OeNB, 60–74.