Mathias Moser

Business Cycle Analysis Section
mathias moser


  • taxes, fiscal policy & microsimulation
  • spatial econom(etr)ics
  • inequality

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Ertl, M., Humer, St., Moser, M., Schnetzer, M. The micro-macro gap for capital income in the Eurozone. Journal of Income Distribution. forthcoming.

Jestl, St., Moser, M., Raggl, A. (2022). Cannot keep up with the Joneses: how relative deprivation pushes internal migration in Austria. International Journal of Social Economics, 49(2).

Theine, H., Humer, St., Moser, M., Schnetzer, M. (2022). Emissions inequality: Disparities in income, expenditure, and the carbon footprint in Austria. Ecological Economics, 197.

Essletzbichler, J., Moser, M., Derndorfer, J., Staufer-Steinnocher, P. (2021). Spatial variation in populist right voting in Austria, 2013–2017. Political Geography, 90.