Michael Weichselbaumer

Office of the Fiscal Advisory Council and Productivity Board


  • productivity
  • applied econometrics
  • industrial economics

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Lackner, M., Weichselbaumer, M. (2023). Can barely winning lead to losing? Gender and past performance. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 208, 258–274.

Weichselbaumer, M. (2022). Strategic Response to Merger Control: Evidence around National and Supranational Thresholds. Available at SSRN.

Gugler, K., Weichselbaumer, M., Zulehner, Ch. (2020). Employment behavior and the economic crisis: Evidence from winners and runners-up in procurement auctions. Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 182, Article 104112.

Gugler, K., Weichselbaumer, M., Zulehner, Ch. (2015). Competition in the economic crisis: Analysis of procurement auctions. European Economic Review, Vol. 73, 35–57.