Thomas Reininger

Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Section
thomas reininger


  • macro-financial stability in CESEE
  • EU economic and monetary union, with focus on EU budget
  • climate and energy economics, with focus on CESEE

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Breitenfellner, A., Lahnsteiner, M., Reininger, T., Schriefl, J. (2021). Green Transition: What Have CESEE EU Member States Achieved so far? Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/21, OeNB, pp.61–76.

Reininger, T. (2021). The EU Budgetary Package 2021 to 2027 almost finalised: An Assessment. wiiw Policy Notes 45. The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, wiiw.

Fadejeva, L., Feldkircher, M., Reininger, T. (2017). International Spillovers from Euro Area and US Credit and Demand Shocks: A Focus on Emerging Europe. Journal of International Money and Finance, 70, February, 1–25.