Financial Stability Report 25

Financial Stability Report 25

Juni 2013.

Die von den Autorinnen und Autoren in den Studien zum Ausdruck gebrachte Meinung gibt nicht notwendigerweise die Meinung der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank oder des Eurosystems wieder.

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    Studien und Analysen

    • Management Summary (PDF, 416 kB)

    • International Macroeconomic Environment: Central Bank Action Supports Economic Outlook and Reduces Financial Tensions in the Euro Area and in CESEE (PDF, 1,8 MB)

    • Corporate and Household Sectors in Austria: Subdued Growth of Indebtedness (PDF, 1017 kB)

    • Austrian Financial Intermediaries: Further Strengthening of Financial System Is Needed for Sustainable Recovery (PDF, 2,6 MB)

    • The Single Supervisory Mechanism within the Banking Union – Novel Features and Implications for Austrian Supervisors and Supervised Entities (PDF, 454 kB) Huber, Pföstl.

    • Household Vulnerability in Austria – A Microeconomic Analysis Based on the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (PDF, 1,8 MB) Albacete, Lindner.

    • Stress Test Robustness: Recent Advances and Open Problems (PDF, 1,4 MB) Breuer, Summer.

    • Macroeconomic, Market and Bank-Specific Determinants of the Net Interest Margin in Austria (PDF, 1,4 MB) Gunter, Krenn, Sigmund.

    • Measuring Financial (In)Stability in Emerging Europe: A New Index-Based Approach (PDF, 1,5 MB) Jakubík, Slacík.

    • Annex of Tables (PDF, 708 kB)

    • Notes (PDF, 261 kB)

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