Focus on European Economic Integration Q2/16

Focus on European Economic Integration Q2/16

Juni 2016.

Die von den Autoren in den Studien zum Ausdruck gebrachte Meinung gibt nicht notwendigerweise die Meinung der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank oder des Eurosystems wieder.

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    Studien und Analysen

    • Call for entries: Olga Radzyner Award 2016 (PDF, 52 kB)

    • Call for applications: Visiting Research Program (PDF, 55 kB)

    • Developments in selected CESEE countries: Dynamic, domestic demand-driven growth in an adverse international environment (PDF, 841 kB)

    • Outlook for selected CESEE countries: Solid growth in CESEE-6 but no bright spots in Russia (PDF, 212 kB)

    • The influence of sovereign bond yields on bank lending rates: the pass-through in Europe (PDF, 737 kB) Eller, Reininger.

    • Understanding the drivers of capital flows into the CESEE countries (PDF, 1002 kB) Eller, Huber, Schuberth.

    • CESEE-related abstracts from other OeNB publications (PDF, 83 kB)

    • EBRD Transition Report 2015-16: Rebalancing Finance (PDF, 90 kB)

    • 78th East Jour Fixe: Ukraine – Progress of reforms and challenges ahead (PDF, 89 kB)

    • Statistical annex (PDF, 123 kB)

    • Notes (PDF, 130 kB)

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