Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/11

September 2011.

Die von den Autorinnen und Autoren in den Studien zum Ausdruck gebrachte Meinung gibt nicht notwendigerweise die Meinung der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank oder des Eurosystems wieder.

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    Studien und Analysen

    • Olga Radzyner Award 2011 – Call for Entries (PDF, 2 MB)

    • Visiting Research Program (PDF, 2,1 MB)

    • The Transmission of Euro Area Monetary Shocks to the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary: Evidence from a FAVAR Model (PDF, 2,7 MB) Benkovskis, Bessonovs, Feldkircher, Wörz.

    • Shifts in International Trade and Value Added from 1995 to 2007: Insights into the Drivers of Growth (PDF, 2,4 MB) Francois, Wörz.

    • A Markov Switch to Inflation Targeting in Emerging Market Peggers with a Focus on the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary (PDF, 2,4 MB) Petreski.

    • CESEE-Related Abstracts from Other OeNB Publications (PDF, 1,6 MB)

    • 69th East Jour Fixe – Credit to the Private Sector: Threat to or Opportunity for Growth in CESEE? (PDF, 2,1 MB)

    • Notes (PDF, 1,6 MB)

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