Financial stability in 2030: Maintaining effectiveness while reducing complexity

OeNB Macroprudential Policy Conference
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The focus of the conference will be on the future of financial stability in the EU with the aim to develop a long-term vision for 2030. Policymakers are facing a dilemma between simplicity of financial regulation and its effectiveness to achieve financial stability. Against this background, I would like to invite you to the conference for a discussion of

  • what are the root causes for complexity in regulation and how to address them?
  • how to set the right incentives and simplify the regulatory framework while maintaining financial stability?
  • what are the requirements for an effective macroprudential policy approach to address systemic risks of non-banks?
  • what should the macroprudential policy framework in Europa look like in 2030?

9. Mai 2019, 9.00 Uhr
Palais Coburg, Wien

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