OeNB Freitagsseminar with Anton Korinek

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Generative AI: Implications for Economic Research and for the Economy

OeNB Freitagsseminar with Anton Korinek, University of Virginia
The first part of the seminar will cover the use of generative AI in economics and the implications for economic research.  It will discuss how large language models and other foundation models can make economic researchers more productive, how they can best leverage these systems, and evaluate what this will imply for the economics profession in the medium term.  

The second part of the seminar will provide an overview of the fundamental questions raised by transformative advances in AI and the possibility of AGI (artificial general intelligence). It will map out potential scenarios for the transition to AGI and the questions that these would pose for economics and for the work of central banks.

Monday, 2 October 2023 | Start: 11:00 AM | End: 12:30 PM              

The event is planned both online via Webex and onsite with limited attendance by invitation only at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Geldzentrum, Garnisongasse 15, 1090 Vienna, 3rd floor. 

Please register by 27 September 2023, at the latest.

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