European System of Central Banks’ Day-Ahead Conference

The objective of the Day-Ahead conference is to create an opportunity for interaction among research economists within the ESCB, other central banks and academia; and to offer an outlet for high-quality, policy-relevant research oriented towards banking, finance, and monetary economics.

09:00 a.m. Registration and coffee
09:25 a.m. Address of welcome: Doris Ritzberger−Grünwald, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
09:30 a.m. Session1: Marianna Caccavaio, Banca d’Italia
Jochen Mankart, Deutsche Bundesbank
A Dynamic Model of Banking with Uninsurable Risks and Regulatory Constraints
Discussant: Katrin Rabitsch, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Kalin Nikolov, European Central Bank
Designing Capital Regulation in a Quantitative Macroeconomic Model
Discussant: Gazi Ishak Kara, Federal Reserve Board
11:00 a.m. Coffee break
11:30 a.m. Session 2: Simone Manganelli, European Central Bank
Carla Soares, Banco de Portugal
Surviving the Perfect Storm: the Role of the Lender of Last Resort
Jochen Güntner, Universität Linz
Cristina Picillo, BIS
The Impact of CCPs' Margin Policies on Repo Markets
Discussant: Cenkhan Sahin, De Nederlandsche Bank and University of Groningen
01:00 p.m. Lunch
02:00 p.m. Session 3: Helmut Elsinger, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Toni Ahnert, Bank of Canada
A Wake−Up−Call of Theory of Contagion
Discussant: Julian Kolm, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Adrian Penalver, Banque de France
Banks And The Rational Credit Cycle
Discussant: Christoph Bertsch, Sveriges Riksbank
03:30 p.m. Coffee break
04:00 p.m. Session 4: Wilko Bolt, De Nederlandsche Bank
Cindy M. Vojtech, Federal Reserve Board
What Do Loan Officers Do When They Change Standards and Terms?
Discussant: Daniel Foos, Deutsche Bundesbank
Tim Eisert, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Real Effects Of The Sovereign Debt Crisis In Europe: Evidence From Syndicated Loans
 Discussant: Francesco Manaresi, Banca d’Italia
05:30 p.m. End of Conference