Kilian Rieder

kilian rieder


  • economic history
  • macroeconomics
  • monetary economics

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Rieder, K., Anson, M., Bholat, D., Thomas, R. (2023). Dating the Lender of Last Resort. The Economic Journal, Volume 133, Issue 652, 1657–1676.

Jobst, C., Rieder, K. (2023). Supervision without Regulation: Discount Limits at the Austro-Hungarian Bank, 1909–1913. The Economic History Review.

Gnan, P., Rieder, K. (2023). The (Not So) Quiet Period: Communication by ECB Decision-makers during Monetary Policy Blackout Days. Journal of International Money and Finance Vol.130, 1–15.

Rieder, K. (2022). Monetary Policy Decision-Making by Committee: Why, When and How it Can Work. European Journal of Political Economy Vol.72, 1–30 (2022).