East Jour Fixe

86. East Jour Fixe

All about COVID-19? Geopolitical, economic and macrofinancial perspectives for the Western Balkans (September 28, 2020)

85. East Jour Fixe in Kooperation mit der National Bank of Ukraine

Ukraine: Political, economic and migration challenges (12.09.2019)

84. East Jour Fixe

Long-run economic growth and development in CESEE: goals, priorities and implementation strategies (03.06.2019)

83. East Jour Fixe

Catching the wind: current challenges and opportunities for European integration and convergence (18.09.2018)

80th East Jour Fixe der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank

Bulgarien und Rumänien – 10 Jahre EU-Mitgliedschaft (31. März 2017)

79. East Jour Fixe

Capital Flows to CESEE: Impact on Macro-Financial Stability and Policy Responses (4. November 2016)